The journey


Though this blog is titled song and scripture, I thought it was time I started sharing more of my own thoughts, questions and experiences on here also. I have to put out the disclaimer that it will be very honestly documenting my journey with God. The good days will be shouted about and I will pose questions when I am not so sure. I look forward to interacting with people on here and receiving feedback on my thoughts.

9 November 2015

Tamela Mann’s ‘Take me to the King’ is resounding in my head, as I reflect on the lethargy that seems to have arrested my church going of late. Church socials don’t interest me or move me. I understand that fellowship is good but sometimes the “he said, she said” and church politics can be a bit much. I literally want alone time with God and I mean ALONE. Am I the only one that sometimes finds going to church can end up taking away from experiencing God as I desire to? I just want to offer myself in peace and quietness. This is not to say that I dislike church, but the routine, the customs, and the fact that you make friends there can all serve as unwanted distractions. Anyone agree? Interested to hear thoughts and also tips on how to shake this feeling.


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