Song: Tony Blaize ‘These Sides’


Scripture: Proverbs 17:10 A rebuke goes deeper into a man of understanding than a hundred blows into a fool.

Have you ever had a silly thought enter your mind that you pondered just that little bit longer than you should have? Thoughts of things we ought not to do creep into our minds as stealthily as a thief in the night, at times we cannot even pinpoint the moment of their conception because that is how swiftly and and unexpectedly ideas are given birth to.

We all have varying thoughts throughout the day, some good, some bad, some cringe worthy but what all ideas have in common is that if we dwell on them long enough they begin to inform our decisions and in turn our actions. Yet at the same time we all have that voice of reason within us which advises us on whether or not acting on whatever dubious thought has found its way into our heads will be a wise move. Depending on how often we take heed of that voice’s admonitions we are more able to act upon the counsel it gives, rather than just be swept away by the current of ridiculous thoughts that flow through our minds on occasion.

Listening to Tony Blaize’s power soul track ‘These sides’ this message could not be clearer. As the chorus rings out ‘A word is enough for the wise but you keep going down these sides’ the picture painted in my mind at least, is one of someone who knows they should not be contemplating or even doing something, but keeps dwelling on the thoughts or persisting in the same course of action; knowing full well that at some point they will have to reap what they have sown.

In spite of what we like to tell ourselves we always have a choice, in every circumstance that we are faced with. It may be the case that deciding to do what your conscience deems the right thing may result in a harder time, loss of friends and several other negative outcomes but the fact is when all is said and done it is still a choice. We choose to take the easy option because we do not want to challenge ourselves, or perhaps because we don’t really believe that God’s grace is sufficient for the issues we face. We rationalise and make excuses as to why our less than righteous actions are permissible or justifiable. However, if we put just as much thought and effort into gaining understanding of the benefits of following our innate sense of right and wrong and seek to live a life of righteousness, the result would be a generation of people not making excuses and ‘living as slaves’ as Mr Blaize so poetically puts it, but living as we were made to in harmony with one another and more importantly with the will of God.

We’ve all heard the saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Well I would like to take alter this slightly, that is to say, “there is no such thing as an action without a consequence”.  With this being the case, it is about time we weighed our actions more carefully, took heed of any rebukes given to us and thought about the bigger picture rather than our immediate want before making decisions or taking actions.

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