Song: Corey Porter ‘Broken’


Scripture: Jeremiah 30:17 – For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD; because they called thee an Outcast, [saying], This [is] Zion, whom no man seeketh after.

Sometimes in life it can seem as though everything is the absolute absolute opposite of what it should be. When even the things that should be absolute basics are not at all as they should be we start to wonder if there is something wrong with us; or indeed if there is anything that can be done to bring a slight semblance of normality to the situation.

In no circumstance are such feelings more common than in a family life that is not conventional. Pride has us put on a front, when deep down our hearts are in turmoil and though it is not the intention of christian circles, at times the desire to appear righteous and put together can stop such issues being discussed amongst believers.

This is why it was love at first listen when I heard Corey Porter’s track Broken. The subtle hip hop beat coupled with the smooth hooky chorus and his hard hitting lyrics in the verses describe the feelings that people struggle with on a daily basis with such accuracy. The issues he chose to speak on are quite extreme but not uncommon. They are issues that get brushed under the rug so it was refreshing to hear him do them justice. His honest interpretation of the emotions that are felt in such situations demonstrates his ability to put himself in the other people’s shoes and feel compassion for them. A trait which we should all cultivate within ourselves to ensure that we don’t judge people in any circumstance but rather pray either for or with them, that they might see the change that they so desperately desire in their situation.

A plea is made to the Lord to help put the family back together in the chorus and this is the most effective thing that we can do in these circumstances. We as humans can do our bit to try and mend broken relationships but the other parties involved need to be receptive to our efforts. This can only happen once wounds have been healed and peace restored. In Jeremiah 30:17 our gracious and loving father promises to bring restoration to his people and this is a promise that anyone can tap into. So if your heart is wounded in anyway, speak to the Lord for he has the remedy, he’s just waiting for you to ask!