Song: JJ Heller ‘Olivianna’


Scripture: Psalm 34:1 – “I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continuously be in my mouth.”

The story behind this blog post’s song is so sad and yet from it has come a song of such beauty that epitomises the very meaning of Psalm 34:1. The notion of blessing the Lord at all times is one that seems doable when things are going well and to an extent when things are not ideal; but the real challenge is our reaction when faced with crisis. The Grover’s, whose story inspired JJ Heller to write this stunning song, were faced with one of the most heart wrenching situations a couple could ever be forced to deal with. 23 weeks into their pregnancy which had up until that point seemed normal, it was discovered that their daughter had a congenital defect which meant that survival outside of the womb would be nearly impossible.

Amber Grover and her husband opted to view Olivianna’s life as a means by which God’s love and glory was being demonstrated to them. As they prayed for healing, and learnt to submit to God’s will even in the most trying of times they were able to give thanks to Jesus for holding them together in the midst of calamity. Amber started a blog to share her thoughts and frustrations with the world. Through this blog people Olivianna’s very short life on this earth has touched lives the world over, proving that just as the song’s lyrics state, ‘life is short, but it is wide’ and that if we truly bless the Lord at all times beauty will be found in every situation however ugly its beginning may have been.

I have posted the link to Amber Grover’s blog below should you wish to read more about Olivianna’s story and her journey.



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