Song: Lovelite – ‘All fair’



Scripture: Songs of Solomon 4:7 – “You are all fair, my love; there is no spot in you.”

Imagine you’re world renowned, recognised the world over for your incredible talent and beauty; and you’re on your way to a ceremony where your greatness is going to be praised. Dressed all in white and looking immaculate you are walking down the red carpet with adoring fans screaming hysterically, simply because they have had the privilege of catching a fleeting glimpse of you. Suddenly a man, filthy and distressed pushes his way out in front of you. He approaches slowly at first then picks up the pace. His face filled equally with desperation as it is with fear he opens his arms wide and stops in front of you. He wants a hug!

Would you stop to hug him, or would you be more preoccupied about the fact that you look flawless but hugging him could change that? If you are at all like me then the latter would have been your first consideration.  Yet, listening to the chorus of Lovelite’s atmospheric pop track ‘All fair’ it is clear that we are the filthy ones pushing our way out before God, desiring to be embraced. He is pure, holy and ever merciful; so in spite of constantly having choirs of angels singing his praises he always stops to hold us in his arms whenever we take ourselves before him.

Just as in Luke 15: 22 the father was so willing, not only to embrace the prodigal son, in spite of him probably smelling like one of the pigs he had been sharing lodgings with, but also to get him cleaned up and celebrate him! So it is with our God. He is spotless, so pure we cannot begin to fathom it yet he still embraces us, washes us clean and celebrates every time we come to him. Our father, God almighty calls for a new robe which is his covering over us eradicating all that has gone before, and as if that was not enough he also gives us a ring signifying his power so we are free to operate in his authority. Is it not awesome that our blemish free and holy God would not only let into his presence as filthy as we are but that he takes the time to clean us up and then goes a step further to allow us to operate in his power here on earth? I don’t know about you but to me it is wonderful!

Check out Lovelite’s incredible shoegazey track ‘All Fair’ here.

NB. It’s totally random but the analogy I used kind of reminded me of lady and the tramp and being an avid Disney fan I couldn’t resist the chance to add a bit of Disney sparkle to this post.



Song: Emeli Sande ‘Breaking the Law’


Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:27 – But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

It seems somewhat oxymoronic to discuss God and breaking the law in the same sentence let alone having a whole blog post dedicated to the idea. However the more I listened to Emeli Sande’s beautiful ballad which she wrote for her sister, the more apparent it became that the love Emeli describes is just like the love our Lord has for us.
God does in fact break the law just to ensure that we his children are well catered for. This notion forms the very fabric of our faith, and there are countless testimonies and stories in the bible to prove that the natural order of things have been disrupted by God in order to place his children exactly where he wants them to be.
Take Joseph for example, he was an imprisoned slave and yet still managed to rise to Prime Minister in the same nation he had been enslaved in. You might argue that there is no modern day example of such things happening but then Nelson Mandela’s ‘Long walk to freedom’ springs to mind. After 27 years imprisonment he rose up to be the leader of the same nation he had been protesting against. The bible says that God chooses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and this literally means God disrupts the order that the world has prescribed in favour of his plans.
However in order for the principle to operate fully in our lives we must as the song so rightly states ‘ignore the alarms’. In the context of God being at work and turning our hopeless situations around that means not looking at the present circumstances and letting that inform our next move but trusting that he has a plan and obeying whatever instructions he gives. No story demonstrates this better than that of the Israelites exodus from Egypt. Standing with the red sea in front of them and pharaoh’s army hot on their heels, Moses epitomised the idea of ignoring the alarms and the police. Picture it, the thundering sound of Egypt’s army approaching in the behind them, coupled with the murmurings of the people he is leading to safety. I am sure he thought ‘it’s all over’ and then God spoke and told him to hold out his staff. If it were me I would have thought ‘really?!’. Moses however went along with it, irrespective of what he thought and God defied the laws of physics to deliver his people from the hands of their oppressor. His is a love that has defied laws for centuries and will continue to do so. Click here to listen to Breaking the law.

Song: S.O. ‘Tell ‘em all’ (ft. Andy Mineo)


Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:18 – And all of this was a gift from God, who brought us back to Himself through Christ. And has given us this task of reconciling people to Him.

          Hebrews 10:23 – Let us hold fast to the profession of our faith without wavering.

For almost a year now I have had a desire in my heart to start a blog where music is used to illuminate scripture. Truth be told, when I say desire it is a euphemism for nagging in the back of my mind. This is very much something that feels to me as though I have been instructed to do. I have no idea how useful, interesting or popular my simple musings on scripture will be others. However I do know that music is a universal language that everybody understands and can relate to.

Songs have long been used to express thoughts and feelings and will continue to do so until time itself stands still. This blog is simply a continuation of that but from a Christian perspective. Songs of every genre will be featured, both secular and gospel, some will have a positive message while others may not. Nevertheless as the name of the blog suggests, whatever the song chosen a scripture which seems relevant will be paired with the song and discussed. The aim is simply to highlight the fact that though the scriptures were written thousands of years ago it is as true and relevant now as it was then, and hopefully make the word more accessible and relatable to people trying to find out what the bible really has to say on various issues.

The song I have chosen for this first post is called ‘Tell ‘em all’ and is by Christian rapper S.O. featuring Andy Mineo. The message is simple. Christians are called to let others know of the love God has for them (2 Corinthians 5:18 states our mission plainly). The fact that the melodic beat gets your head bopping along and S.O.’s flow is ridiculous certainly makes hearing the message sweeter on the ears. Andy Mineo’s voice on the catchy hook instructs us not to hide the Son but let ‘em all see, and it ends with a plea that we tell ‘em all. This is how I am opting to tell others about Christ’s works and word. How will you?

Click the link below to watch the video.